Gir Cow a2 Dry Milk Powder

Gir cow a2 milk powder, Gir cow milk powder

Gir Cow a2 Dry Milk Powder

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Gir Cow a2 Dry Whole Milk Powder

Goseva A2 Cow Milk Powder is made from 100% pure and unadulterated fresh milk from Gir cows. It is the perfect choice for those wishing to invest in the health and nutrition for themselves and their loved ones.  GoSeva is a leader in the market for Gir A2 milk powder. We were the pioneers in introducing this exclusive health product with an irresistible taste.
Our Milk powder is made by simply drying farm fresh milk at a low temperature thus preserving its natural goodness with all it’s essential vitamins and minerals. It has no added sugar or artificial sweeteners making it an ideal choice for invalids and children. It has proved to be a great option for lactose intolerant children too. GoSeva Whole Milk powder is perfect to use while travelling in India or abroad. This milk can be used like normal milk to set curd, make paneer or even ghee.

Make 4 Serving of 250ml glass from 100g Powder.

Make 20 Serving of 250ml glass from 500g Powder.

Made from pure a2 full cream milk.

Healthy and Safe for feeding children above 2 years.

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Gaurav Anand

Its only desi milk powder available in market which is affordable and accessible to common man , Thanks for making this available at mh doorstep. I would encourage you to add current certificate of a2 milk purity which would help other people to trust more.


This A2 gir cow milk powder is very nice we can easily make milk from it


Do we need to boil the milk?

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