About Go Kripa Products

Mother cow and her glories. Therefore, there is great need to reawaken and spread it among people. People feel maintaining cows after their milking period as burdensome because they don't know her full glories.

It's just like carrying a blank cheque may seem useless if we don't know what cheque is. So proper know ledge about cows is a great necessasity in today's world. Once all are aware of it no one will

‘Go Mata Seva Trust’ committed to work with a dedicated mission of Cow Protection and Avail people to cow importance to the world. We are serving and maintaining a breed pure ‘GIR Cows’ also called ‘GIR Gaiya’ which is purely nourished and well maintained here at Goshala with traditional Indian Vedic way. Even are producing various pure medicines from "Panchagavya"the raw mistrials from cow such as Cow Urine, Cow Dung and Ghee, and trying to serve that to people as much as to cure diseases.


Go Kripa Products based in Jasdan, Gujarat, is a well  recognized concern to- day both nationally and internationally dealing in cow products and actively engaged  simultaneously with the Nobel cause of cow conservation.

Laid on the foundation of working principles of IsKcon, Gau Kripa Products have gained immense popularity in various temples and community, Ayurved Aushadi Manufacturer Companies and Ayurvedacharya, with regard to excellence in quality and quick delivery services along with honest product with fair dealings.

Go Kripa Products  is manufacturing a whole range of products based on Gir Mother Cow’s PANCHGAVYA, especially designed for health care, body care as well as home care, all based on ancient  wisdom depicted in Ayurveda and other vedic texts.

The Panchgavya has never been put to use in this incredible way that is working for the general good of the society and at the same time presenting an ideal model for establishing self reliant cow shelters and Goshalas which function on zero budget plan.

Besides manufacturing of cow products, Go Kripa Products team works enthusiastically and ardently in creating awareness of social, political, economical  and cultural benefits brought about by maintaining the cows in households and Gaushalas. In this pursuit Go Kripa Products conducts periodic camps to train youth of the country to manufacture, campaign and market cow products and establish self reliant cow shelters of their own.

Gopika soap, Go Ark and Ghee are some of the well acclaimed products which are on must try list nationally.

जय गौमाता 

जय गोपाल

।।गावो रक्षति रक्षित।।

|| गावो विश्वस्य मातरः||