Importance of GIR Cow

Indian Cow, as Kamdhenu is provider of all happiness “matrah sarva bhutanam, gavah sarv sukh prada”.

Meaning cow being mother of all living entities gives all pleasures to everyone. Cow family is born at the home of cowherd. Now a days cowherd treats cow as economic commodity. One reason for this is the destruction of pastures, which has forced him to think in economic terms. He retains the cow till she delivers the calves and milk and reaps economic benefits. But as soon as economic benefits cease he disposes off the cow very cheaply and thus the poor cow is mercilessly killed in a slaughterhouse.

Gir cow

We should avoid condemning cows to abattoirs; instead establish their life-long dignity in every village and in every house. We need to highlight the therapeutic aspects, medicinal value of cow urine and cow dung in a simple manner as mentioned in panchgavya. So that

  • Nation is pawed from the bane of cow slaughter and resulting inevitable calamities.
  • Cowherd is saved of severe sin of selling cows to butcher.
  • The butcher can make his human birth meaningful by avoiding abominable act.
  • Beefeaters may be saved from grave diseases caused by beef eating.
  • The earth is saved from cow bloodshed, and attains Swargadapi gariyasi i.e. blessed with divine resources even more than heaven.
  • Using cow urine medicine, mankind is cured of severe diseases. He attains right consciousness, good health and becomes happy and peaceful.
  • The cowherd, on understanding the therapeutic (medicinal) applications of the cow urine (Panchgavya) at home realises that economic advantages extend beyond milk and calves.

More ever home treatment of family members and neighbours for diseases saves heavy expenses and time incurred on medical treatment. Thus one can protect health and save national money and move ahead to adopt national traditional products.

If some time he cannot keep the old cow or bull himself, he will give it to another shelter, thus by saving cows from butchers. Lastly by describing the procedure of making formulations of the medicine, medicines can be made at home. The cowsheds can use cows for making medicines based on Panch gavya (Five products from cow namely milk, curd, ghee (clarified butter), urine and dung). Panch gavya can improve public health at lower rates and encourage maintaining cows properly. Individuals having cows at home can save cow by utilising them for making medical formulation.

Thus cowsheds will not depend on donations only. Cows will not be sent to slaughterhouses. Organisations will become affluent and financially self dependent and the following slogan will be meaningful and

Ghar – ghar gay, gram-gram gaushala, yahi hai hamari nirog shala.

The slogan means “Cow in every house and cowshed in every village this is our disease free home” Necessary information for making cow urine medicine is given so that they can be made at home.