Indiginious Cow Based Gaupalan & Business Training 

15-16-17 September 2023 Training Date
Please fill the google form to register your self for Sep 2023 training.

Cow based exploitation free business training
→ Ideal process of making authentic vedic ghee, milk powder and other panchgavya products.
→ Product formation issues such as how to set curd, how to store buttermilk that does not turn sour, how to make medicinal ghrita, how to make products of cow colostrum etc.      
→ Product labelling and packaging.
→ Steps for firm registration and obtaining necessery documents.
→ Required compliance and documents for exporting gau products.
→ Sales and Marketing strategies via Website, YouTube and other social media platforms.
→ How to be profitable in Indigenous Dairy farming?

:: Training Mentors ::

Darbar Shri Satyajitkumar Khachar
Famous Gir Cow Breeder (King of Jasdan)

Shri Ghanshyam Dasji
(CEO of Gokripa Products)
Instruction Language : Hindi

:: For registration & more info. ::
→ 76984 89555
→ Nr. Indian Gas Depo., Lati Plot, Gadhadiya Road, Jasdan 360050

Basic accommodation facility at Gaushala with breakfast, lunch, dinner

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Vedic Academy for Panchgavya Education

VAPE a centre for learning Panchgavya Ayurveda

An Initiative by Go Kripa Products, Jasdan, Rajkot.

About us

There is a tremendous need to provide a Holistic Health Solution to Humanity at large. Every person in this world is suffering with one or other disease. And all modern methods of treatments give rise to another disease or side effects.

A solution is being provided by Ayurveda which means A Science of Life. It not just only provides cure for diseases but guides one to keep away from them. Ayurvedic formulations contain various herbs treated with Cow urine, Cow dung ash, Milk, Butter Milk, Ghee- the byproducts of Cow. These five byproducts combined together are called as Panchgavya.

Because of scarcity of pure Ayurvedic herbs grown in completely natural atmosphere, formulations with usage of Panchgavya have come to known as Panchavya Medicines and a different branch of medicine has come to existence called as Panchgavya Therapy.

We, at Go Kripa products, manufacture all these Panchgavya formulations for internal & external usage from last 10 years. We felt that this science of Panchgavya should be taught as a separate course. So we established this Vedic Academy for Panchgavya Education. From this platform we would like to reach out to common masses.

"Panchgavya Therapy"

Government of India has recognized this Science of Panchgavya as separate therapy – Panchgavya Chikitsa which comes under Dept of AYUSH.

In this regard AYUSH has published following information on web portal of Press Information Bureau

27-February-2015 13:23 IST

Press Information Bureau

Government of India


Panchagavya Therapy

Panchagavya is a classic collective name of five products obtained from cow viz milk, curd, ghee, urine and dung. Medicinal uses of Panchagavya and its individual ingredients including cow urine are mentioned in the authoritative books of Ayurveda listed in the First Schedule of the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940. Its therapeutic uses in Ayurveda include Krimi Roga, Kushtha, Kandu, Shoola, Gulma, Udara Roga, Anaha, Shotha, Pandu, Kamala, Vasti Roga, Kasa, Shavasa, Atisara, Mutraroga etc. Cow urine is ingredient of several Ayurvedic formulations and also used as adjuvant with medicinal formulations and for pharmaceutical processing called Shodhana (Purification) and Bhavana (Triturition) of medicinal materials.

Central Council for Research in Ayurvedic Sciences (CCRAS), an autonomous Ayurvedic research organization of Central Government, has undertaken study to evaluate the immune-modulatory activity and safety/toxicity of Panchgavya Ghrita, which is an Ayurvedic formulation made from cow’s five products and mentioned in Ayurvedic classical texts and Ayurvedic Formulary of India, Part I. Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) through its constituent laboratories has conducted research studies in collaboration with Go Vigyan Anusandhan Kendra, Nagpur on cow urine distillate for its antioxidant and bio-enhancing properties on anti-infective and anti-cancer agents and nutrients. Four US

Patents have been secured since 2002 and one pharmaceutical product containing cow urine distillate with anti-oxidant property is available in the market.

Out of 7835 licensed Ayurvedic drug manufacturing units in the country, many Ayurvedic drugs manufacturing companies manufacture medicinal formulations made from panchgavya or cow’s products. States of Punjab, Kerala, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha and Haryana have reported to have 229, 200, 5, 3, 3 and 2 pharmaceutical units respectively, which are manufacturing Panchagvya therapy products. Manufacturing of Ayurvedic medicinal products for sale and their quality control is regulated under the provisions of Drugs & Cosmetics Act, 1940 and the Rules, 1945. License from concerned State Licensing Authority is required and observance of prescribed Good Manufacturing Practices is mandatory to manufacture medicinal products. Norms of labeling and shelf life or date of expiry are also prescribed in the Drugs & Cosmetics Rules, 1945. Systems for mandatory certification of GMP by the State Licensing Authority and voluntary certification of quality of products by Drugs Controller General and Quality Council of India are in place.

Panchagavya and its ingredients are part of the course curricula of Ayurvedic studies at degree and post-graduation levels. Opportunities of postgraduate and postdoctoral research as well as extramural research on Panchagavya are available to the interested scholars and scientists. Central Council for Research in Ayurvedic Sciences has conducted a National Seminar on Panchagavya Chikitsa in the year 2014 for promotion and awareness building and brought out a compilation document of published research papers on Panchagvya and its ingredients. The published research papers on Panchagavya have been uploaded in the ‘AYUSH Research Portal’ for ready access to the public.

This information was given by the Minister of State, AYUSH(IC), Shri Shripad Yesso Naik in a written reply to a question in Lok Sabha today.


The above letter clearly states the Authorization of Panchgavya Therapy by Govt. of India.

In order to propagate vocational course Govt. of India has established Bharat Sevak Samaj which has started a course in Panchavya Therapy. Vedic Academy for Panchgavya Education is registered under Bharat Sevak Samaj to undertake this course.


Authorized Certificate by BHARAT SEVAK SAMAJ


Syllabus for Course

There will be 4 main subjects. They are mentioned as below

Subject 1  Panchgavya Introduction – Ayurveda the science of Life

  • Goal of Life -Krishna Consciousness & Health

- Varnasrama & Vaidehi Bhakti

- Proper Engagement in Devotional Service – Mind Body Soul – Nature

- Specific slokas

– Shariram Khalu Dharma sadhanam

– Dharma Artha Kama Mokshanam Aarogyam Mulam Uttamam

  • Ayurveda Introduction

- Ashta Anga

- Dinacharya Adhyaya from Ashtanga Hridaya & Ashtanga Sara Samgraha of Vagbhatta

- Brief Introduction to Vata Pitta Kapha

  • Bhagavad Gita in relation with Ayurveda

- Mind Intelligence Ahamkara & their Relation to Vata Pitta Kapha

- Sattva Rajas Tamas and Vata Pitta Kapha

- Four Varnas their activities in Relation with Vata Pitta Kapha

  • Panchmahabhuta & Panchgavya

- Their introduction

- Relationship

- Philosophy of a Disease

Karma- Achara – Vichara – Ahara – Vihara

- Role of Panchgavya in eradicating the root cause of a Disease

  • Need of Panchagavya

- Current therapies and their solutions with side effects

- Systematic loot by Doctors- No Gain All Pain

  • Scriptural References on Importance of Gaumata

- Jersy cows vs Gaumata

Subject 2 Panchagavya Application – Ayurvedic Diagnosis Process & Solution

  • Human Body Anatomy

- 12 Important organs

- Body Clock – Organ Timings in Day & Night

  • Science of Nadi

-Tridosh Siddhant

-Vata Pitta Kapha Dhatu Mala in detail with their symptoms, types, etc.

-Kshaya and Vridhi in these things – their resultant effects

-Types of Nadi – their Gatis

- How to see Nadi, its localities in Body

  • Sutra Sthana of Ashtanga Hridaya

- All chapters

- Ahara – Pathya & Apathya – Classification of Food Items according to their Prakriti, Guna, Virya

& Vipaka

  • Science of Nabhi

- Reasons & Effects of Nabhi Displacement

- Methods to determine Displaced Nabhi

- Methods to Fix Nabhi

  • Actual Diagnosis Process

- Darshana – Sparshana – Prasha

- Darshana – Identifying Diseases by their symptoms in External Visible Organs or Part of Body, tongue, face, nail etc..

- Sparshan – Nadi checking

- Prashna – Allopathic reports, etc.

- Uses of Modern Equipments

- Basic Understanding of Modern terminology in Allopathic treatment

  • Prescription of Medicines

- Basic Knowledge of Herbs- their Applications

- Understanding the nature of a disease, its penetration within body – Acute & Chronic

- Different potency medicines according to level of a disease

- Quantity of medicine according to patient

  • Gynic Disoders

- Male Reproductive systems & its problems

- Menses Cycle & its disorders

- Garbhadhan Samskar for Proper Natural Delivery

  • Types of Diseases & their Prescription

- Prescription Writing

- Disease specific medicines- For Vata Pitta Kapha Bala Bhuta Prajanan Rogas

- Case Studies- Cancer, Heart attack, Aids, Virus, Multi Disorders, Last stage, etc.

  • Marma Chikitsa

Subject 3 Panchagavya Medicine Preparation

  • Collection of Panchgavya

- Rules to be followed

- Storage and processing

- Definition of Kshariy Amsha and Jaliya Amsha (Solid & Water content)

  • Preparation of Gaumutra Ark

- Methods of Distillation

- Addition of various Herbs

  • Preparation of Gaumutra Ghanavati
  • Preparation of other Internal Application Medicines
  • Preparation of External Application Medicines
  • Preparation of Panchagavya Home Products, Beverages, etc.
  • Storage and packaging of Medicines & other products

Subject 4 Management of Gaumata & Gaushala

  • How to take care of Gaumata

- Food

- Grazing land

- Homeopathy & Ayurvedic Medicines on Various diseases

- Proper Delivery

- Milk preparation process in Gau

  • Engaging Bulls

- Identifying Breeding Bull

- Training and cultivating Breeding bull

- Training other bulls for farming works

- Generating electricity, Oil Mill, Etc.

  • Construction of Gaushala
  • Management of Gausevaks
  • Accounts

- Expenses and Income

- Keeping Record of Gau

  • Organic Farming

- Effective use of Gobar

- Preparation of various Pesticides & Fertilizers

- Fodder Cultivation

- Ayurvedic Herbs Plantation

  • Biogas & CBG- Compressed Biogas


Registration Details

Duration of Course: 1 full year

During this period students will have to come to VAPE Jasdan, Rajkot. There will be 3 residential camps of 4 days each.  Final camp will be a written exam & practical.

This year 1st camp of the course is from 4 July – 7 July 2015

Students will have to reach Jasdan on 3rd July by 5 PM. They can book their return tickets on 8th July from Rajkot or Ahmedabad.

How to Reach Jasdan?

1. From Ahmadabad

There is direct Govt. bus from Ahmadabad. it take 5 to 6 hrs. So please reach Ahmadabad by 11 AM on 3rd July.

On return journey one can book his train from Ahmadabad after 2 pm on 8th.

2. From Rajkot

There is direct Govt. bus from Rajkot. It takes 1.5 to 2 hrs. So please reach Rajkot by 2 PM on 3rd July.

On return Journey one can can book his train ticket from Rajkot after 9 PM on 3rd July or after 9 AM on 8th July


Fees : Rs.15,000/-

It includes all lodging & boarding charges. Registration charges Rs.3000 has to be deposited in our account on or before 20 June 2015. Remaining amount Rs. 12000 has to be paid upon arrival on 3rd July.

Account Details:

Account Name : Gokripa Products
Bank : Bank of Baroda
Branch: Jasdan. Dist : Rajkot
Current A/c no.: 33490200000113


Requirements for Registration:

Ten copies of your passport size photos.

Four sets of Xerox copy of your Date of Birth & Educational Qualification Mark sheet and Certificates.

Four Xerox copies of your Residential Address Proof.



1. Any type of travelling expenses will be bearable by the students.

2. Lodging facilities will be like Dormitory /Rural.

3. Meals will be as possible as organic and vegetarian only.

4. Non-Vegetarian Food, Packaged Food, Cold drinks and use of any type of smoking, narcotic items and liquor drinking is strictly prohibited during course, training camp and campus area.

5. Mobile, camera, laptop and any type of other electronic devices cannot be used during the course and training camp.

6. Everyone will have to deposit their electronic equippments before starting of class. Otherwise Academy wont be responsible for any loss or theft.

7. Any type of unfit or unhealthy person will be not eligible for this course and training camp.

8. In any case candidates cannot bring their relatives and children during course and training camp.

9. Please do not carry any type of valuable items like jewellery, electronic devices etc. with you.

10. You have to follow the Dincharya of Academy strictly.

11. In case of any type of injury, accident or death candidate is responsible itself. Insurance and damage can not be claimed.

12. If any candidate found violating Academy rules or doing any illigal activity like theft, teasing to female candidate etc. will be immediately dismissed and resticated from the course and training camp.

13. Only Bhartiya ethnic wears allowed for dress code. Western cloth like jeans, skirt, short wears etc are prohibited.

14. If necessary Panchgavya Academy have all rights reserved to modify any rule and regulation any time.

15. In any case area of jurisdiction is Rajkot only.



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Vedic Academy Panchagavya Education Photo Gallary


------------------------------------VAPE UPCOMING BATCHES {2015}--------------------------------



Nadi Parikshan, Banglore Camp1 Sep2015

Photo Gallary : Nadi Parikshan Camp1 (Dated: 18Sep2015 to 21Sep2015) - Bangluru Click Here 


@JASDAN : Dates :coming soon !

>Four Days Camp (Panchagavya Chikitsa & Nadi Parikshan Camp) with Food and accomodation

@ Hyedrabad

Vedic academy for panchagavyva education is conducting a seminar in english on" NADI VIGNAN, TRIDOSHAS, PANCHAGAVYA TREAT MENT" 

Strating Date 10.03.16 to 13.03.16 (8AM to 6pm, DAILY) at

 Venue KPHB phase 1, 7th left, main road Kaman,  kukatpally, hyderabad. Dakshina: Rs. 3000. (including lunch), For Further details contact: 9449596039, 9440404609, 


Kindly Deposit for 4 day seminar Rs.3000/- on HDFC Bank,  Kavari Hills Branch, Account Name: Suresh Singh Karanja A/c No.20831200000035, IFC Code: HDFC0002083