What our Gaubhakts say about their experience after using our Panchgavya products. They are glorifying it all in their own words.

"I used to suffer from a balding problem and I feared that I may get totally bald very soon!.The Brahmi Amla Hair Oil has worked as a hair loss treatment and I am very happy with the results."

Nrupendra Pal Singh
A Go Sevak

You have not had real ghee until you have tasted the Goseva Ghee! This ghee has a very authentic tastes because of the quality of milk and also due to the hand churning techniques which makes it a class apart.

Manish Kumar
A Go Sevak

"ANGAMARDANAM PAIN RELIEVER OIL has given me a lot of relief from low backache which I was suffering from after I injured my back 3 years back due to a fall."

SMT krishna kumari
A Gau Bhakta

"Go-Ark : Distilled Cow Urine"- It is really good site. Its provide a excellent service. It's products are totally pure.

Vipul Patel
A Gau Sevak

Goseva Pure Real Cow Ghee - Excellent Product, Health Improving and Natural Immunity Booster ! Goseva Cow Ghee is part of our daily Meal since 4-5 years. Thanks Goseva for providing such healthy and authentic Panchagavya Processed Products.

Vijay Solanki (Arise Infoway)
Owaner - www.ariseinfoway.com

Brahami Amla Hair Oil - My hair growth used to be very slow and it used to take ages for the hair to grow back after a haircut , after using goseva’s brahmani amla hair oil 2-3 times a week my hair growth has increased much to my surprise!

Mahendra Karpada

Satvik Dhoop : Pure Incense - We use the goseva’s saatvik dhoop in our temple at hingolgadh, I like the fragrance and the fact that it is made from natural products. Also I feel that the dhoop sanctifies the atmosphere in the temple.

D.S.Satyajitsinh of Jasdan
D S Jasdan

Satvik Dhoop : Pure Incense - Cowdung when burned,removes harmful bacteria and germs from the air.Thus I burn a stick of saatvik dhoop in the morning and it also leaves a nice aroma.

Govt. Employee

Gopika Panchagavya Soap - The consistency and odour of gopika soap is so good that after using the gopika soap I don’t like to use any other soap now.

Vijay Makvana

Gopika Shampoo - The consistency and odour of gopika shampoo is so good that after using the gopika shampoo I don’t like to use any other shampoo now.

Sanjay Atvani

Go-Ark : Distilled Cow Urine - The Goseva Ark is truly an elixer of life.Unlike Arks of other companies the Ark of Goseva works in a very short time and I feel more energetic than ever before.

Bharat Shiroliya

Ghanavati - Essence of life (cow urine tablets) - It has been my personal experience that the Goseva Ghanvati supports other medicines and drugs in stabilizing diabetes.Thank you Team Goseva.

Pradhan Kulamani

Pachanamrit : Digestive Aid - The Panchamrut truly stands by it’s name!It acts at once in reducing acidity and gives immediate relief.

Vijay Chauhan

Angamardanam Pain Reliever Oil - I would recommend Angmardam Tailum to anyone suffering from muscle pain . It has given me instant relief fro stiff necks and backs.

Dinesh Yadav

Marham : Ointment - I had been suffering from a form of skin fungus due to sweat and heat.Playing cricket under the sun only worsened the situation.I took up various foreign as well as Indian skin creams such as zinc cream etc and none of them really helped,that’s when I turned to goseva’s marham and the fungal patch has almost become invisible.

Pradeep Chauhan

Bramhmi Amla Hair Oil - The Kesh Nikhar is truly a tonic for the hair.It has helped my hair and confidence grow.

Naresh Varma

Cow Dung Cakes (Gomaya Kanda) , गोबर के कंडे - The Cow Dung cakes are a perfect size for practical purposes and very convenient for hawans at home.I have already placed a second order with Goseva for more cow dung cakes.

Meena Sharma

Pure Real Cow Ghee - You have not had real ghee until you have tasted the Goseva ghee! This ghee has a very authentic tastes because of the quality of milk and also due to the hand churning techniques which makes it a class apart.

Manish Kumar

Cow Colostrum - I was recommended Cow Colostrum by a fellow gym freak , at first I was reluctant to try it but having  tried various protein supplement powders such as whey protein and not finding any results I tried Cow Colostrum and now I have people ask me the secret to my fitness!

Aditya Roy

GauAmrit - Milk Keshar Soap - The Gau Amrit soap works as a good moisturizing soap and I would recommend it to everyone who has a problem of dry skin such as myself.

Vandan Pandya

Gomutra : Pure (Filtered Cow Urine) - It has been  my personal experience that the Goseva Gau Mutra if sprinkled in a termite infested spot,at once starts working and prevents from termite invasion in the future.Gau Mutra is truly a pest controller. 

Ashish Gupta

Fruit Face Wash Gel - I have been regularly using the face wash and I have witnessed a change in my skin tone.

Hardik Nanda

Pure Real Cow Ghee - I have used many brands of ghee but never tasted such delicious ghee before. It reminded me of the goodness of homemade ghee my mom use to make back in the days. Never going elsewhere anymore. My search is fulfilled. Thank you Go Kripa Products. :-)


Fruit Face Wash Gel - sabhi product kamal ke hain sabse jyada gomutra.


Angarakshak Bath Soapsuperb cleanser,

Jayanto Saha

Angarakshak Bath Soap - Best soap available. I always wanted a soap which is free from harmful chemicals.


Aloe Vera Juice - Aloevera juice is very good in taste 
And also so pure and natural


Pure Real Cow Ghee - The Ghee is excellent.

Atul Bakshi

Pure Real Cow Ghee - Though it is good in taste. Though it is having best ayurveda importance and significance. Must have been getting prepared under best possible way.


Cow Colostrum - i have used cow colostrum and it gives me great relief from sinitus problem


Cow Colostrum -  i have used one bottle cow colostrum and i got great relief from sinitus 


Marham : Ointment - 5 star rating for the Maraham ointment, Thanks to Go Mata Seva, my mom was using for the past three days for the wound in leg, fortunately it is removing the heal crack and mom got recovered from wound.  It can be applied for normal wounds to, after cleaning with water.

Sriram Jayaraman

Gopika Panchagavya Soap -very good soap i ever uses


Pure Real Cow Ghee - Tasted yesterday. Excellent Vedic Ghee! Reordering it today. 

Sudhir Kumar

Pure Real Cow Ghee - Goseva products are of outstanding quality. I have used Goseva Ghee several times and each time I feel new freshness and amazing quality. Ghanshyamdasji and your core team, please keep up the amazing work and dedication towards Gomata. You are an inspiration for many.


Angarakshak Bath Soap - The soap is like a jagannath of all exfoliating soaps ever!


Ayurghee Plus - Nasal Drop - We had shifted to Pune from Bangalore and had started getting sinus problems because of dry weather and we used to end up getting sore throat and fever. After using Gomataseva's ghee drops, our sinus has gone, hence no infection. Now during every climate change, we use these nasal drops to be healthy. Thanks a lot Gomataseva Org for bringing back ancient science back to modern life

Rakhi Kashyap

GauAmrit - Milk Keshar Soap - I love this soap.people having dry skin must use this 



Pure Real Cow Ghee - Very pure ghee, we really liked the smell and texture of this ghee. I would like to be a permanent customer of all their products 




Angamardanam Pain Reliever Oil - The oil is good, my dad was suffering from Knee joint pain, after applying this oil, he is feeling good,

Sriram Jayaraman

After using the Saatvik Dhoop, I have reduced or completely cut down on using Incense sticks of any kind. Just love the essence smell in my house. It gives a fragrance of a yagnya done in the house. I love it. I have ordered atleast 20 boxes till now. Great product and equally great fragrance.

Satvik Dhoop : Pure Incense

Gopika Panchagavya Soap - Panchagavya soap is awesome. All natural ingredients. Thanks to our gomata 


Pure Real Cow Ghee - This Ghee is awesome and divine. The best I have tried till now!! and what I have tried till now includes even Ghee from many Organic companies like Organic India, Homemade Ghee from Organic Milk etc, but none matches the taste or texture of this Ghee. 
It smells, tastes and feels pure. 

Krishna Chaitanya

"Brahami Amla Hair Oil" - I used to suffer from hairfall problems having used artificial hair gels and creams but using the Brahmani Amla Hair Oil my problem has reduced considerably.

Shashikant Nayak
Owaner - www.ariseinfoway.com